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The Shaman's Path: Shamanic Healing & Counseling by Dr. Michael R. Verrilli, DO

Master Shamans

Don Humberto Soncco - Q'ero Master Shaman from Cuzco, Peru


Don Humberto Soncco is a highly respected Q'ero Master Shaman from the mountains outside Cuzco, Peru, the ancient capital city of the Inkas. The Q'ero Indians are the direct descendents of the Inkas who still live in the Inka traditional style near Apu Huamanalipa. Don Humberto is the former president of the Q'ero nation and an Altomesayoq ("shaman of the high table") who will be making a rare appearance in Northampton, MA to teach about the shaman's mesa altar and give individual readings and healings. The Q'ero shamans are some of the most highly respected shamans in Peru and the shamans to whom many other shamans go to receive their initiations. Don't miss this exceptional opportunity.

"The Q'ero live up where the rains begin, where the clouds originate.  They live in the ravines, where the pumas also live.  They live where the children grow up enfolded with the natural, cosmic vision...."
Americo Yabar, Peruvian shaman

"The Q'ero people to this day dress like Inkas, converse like Inkas, and live like Inkas"
Cesar Calvo, writer

from Masters of the Living Energy by Joan Parisi Wilcox


Dr. Michael Verrilli, DO and Deborah Uller are Workshop/Retreat leaders and Shamanic Healers and mesa carriers.

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